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How to choose the Kids GPS Watches

Posted by Yao Anders on

With years development, there are dozens of Kids GPS Watches come to the market. But for new customers, they are still having doubts on what to choose, like  which one is the latest and which model with solid quality and can meet their needs. Then this comparison between GPS kids watches will help.

WONLEX as the leading manufacturers of GPS Tracking Watches for kids, known to customers with a variety of excellent models and professional support.  Here comes the most popular  GPS watches made by WONLEX are discussed below.

GPS Tracker Watch Q50 vs Wonlex GPS Watch GW300 Triple Positioning

Q50 as the most popular model in the market now, there are four color to choose (Blue, Red, Green, Black), in which black 50 as new coming is defined to meet needs of little bigger kids. Q50, the first generation of kids gps tracker, with the basic but featured function of two-way phone call and GPS positioning, satisfied most customer.  With more people get to know this products, more needs is motivated, thus we have made GW300

Main Difference

  • SIM Card installation. For Q50, you need to unscrew tiny screws of back case and take out battery to mount the micro SIM card. It  will be easy to open back case by using tool, but not the same case to restore it. Some customer complained that screws are always getting lost, and you might drain your patience to get screws back to position. So we have GW300 to change this situation ultimately.  Customer only needs to get SIM card prepared and  inserts  it from  SIM Card slot in the watch side.
  • WIFI Positioning.  GPS location works perfectly outside on our device. But inside building is not perfect. So We add WIFI positioning moulde on new tracker GW300. The working theory of WIFI positioning  is not to use WIFI to connect internet, but to use the location data of WIFI Hotspots.  Once the device detects there are WIFI around it, the nearest WIFI hotspot location data will be saved and send back to our sever to analyze, then back to Google map, finally WIFI location can be showed up in the APP, meantime, the address is in Green color.

So although GW300 and Q50 has the identical appearance, but actually GW300 is pro version. And we have updated the mould of GW300 to make the quality and performance more stable.

Wonlex Smart Baby Watch Q50 VS  Wonlex Color Screen GW900S

When our first GPS Kids watch getting popular in the market, more and more people  copy and sell. Every day we receive email or message around the world complaining devices won’t work.  In one hand, we are expanding marketing budget and cooperation to make sure  more people buy original wonlex kids tracker; in the other hand, we think another new model is very necessary.

Main Difference

  • SIM card installation: Once we have good feedback on the new way of sim card installation, we adopted this feature.
  • SOS button: To make emergency call more obvious and easier, we move the button on the top of watch.  While in Q50, the SOS  and ON/OFF is  made in one button.
  • Strap changeable:  Considering  the wearing comfort and replacement of watch strap, we produce the new model more like a watch. Watch strap all in silicon and can be replaced for any damage.

Wonlex MTK2503 GW100  VS Wonlex Waterproof GW100S

GPS Accuracy and battery standing time are the 2 main concerns for most customers.  With more and more people get to know and use our products, the requirements on the new devices went to another level. So new chip MTK2503 with new model come to market.

Main feature of GW100

  • Screen:  1.22 inch TFT  touch display.  This device is designed more like a phone, with touch screen and no real SOS button on the watch.
  • WIFI positioning: The watches also support WIFI.
  • New chip: MT2503 featured with GPS And Beidou  positioning , which is with  better location accuracy and shorter action time. The other feature with new chip is the standby time of battery will be 30- 40% longer.

The real waterproof watch GW100S.

Summer time is coming. Then we have this real waterproof watches on Shelves along with GW100.  Watch can be put into under and without problem. And we suggest the water depth is above 0.5 m, and seal charging and SIM card slot very well.

For every new customer, we’d recommend this article to get to know our products. And more articles about new products will be updated timely.

Thank you for your time.

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