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Wonlex E07S Waterproof Bluetooth Smart Bracelet Fitness Tracker


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Wonlex E07S Waterproof Bluetooth Smart Bracelet Fitness Tracker


* IP67 waterproof. E07S can be weared to swim. (depth not over 1m, time not over 30mins)

Six-axis G-sensor Acceleration  

* Set personal information:  set personal information/ convert for English and metric units
Fitness goal setting, Fitness information sharing.
Sports and Health: sports tracking (Pedometer, distance,calorie)   sleep tracking (slepping time, sleeping quality)   set fitness goals  movement pattern (Swimming mode, Bicycle-riding mode, Runningmode, Ropeskipping, Sit-ups, Jumping jacks, Treadmill).
GPS movement Trajectory, distance, Time, Pace, watage in bulk, history, Share trajectory.
Alert & Notification function: call reminder (Android, iOS), contact name display; SMS, QQ, WeChat (Android, iOS), content display; missed call and unread messages display(Android); Anti-lost warning; Clock alarm; Task alert(Android); 
Smart buttons Find phone: Camera remote, Music remote
Raise your hand to wake up the screen: Raise your hand up, then the screen will wake up, it’s convenient for you to see time.
* Built-in 90mah Lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery, can be used about 7 days.
* Compatible with Android 4.3 and above, IOS 7.0 and above, with Bluetooth 4.0 Phone.
* APK Name: SmartWristBand. APK Language: Chinese, English, German
Fitness Tracker
Fitness TrackerFitness TrackerFitness TrackerFitness TrackerFitness TrackerFitness TrackerFitness TrackerFitness TrackerFitness Tracker


Sensor : 6 axis gravity acceleration
Motor : Built-in ,vibrating alert
Charging :5V
Waterproof : IP67 can Swimming, diving
Standby time : about 7 days
Compatibility support Android and IOS
System :for Android 4.3, IOS 7.0 and above, Bluetooth 4.0
Data Synchronization : Bluetooth data sync to the phone side application
Data storage: Save seven days of motion data
Operating mode : touch operation, support for power, shutdown, reset,Bright screen time can be set,OTA Upgrade
Smart keys : look for phone,Remote camera.Remote video shoot,Music Remote Control



Q1.What kind of languages does E07S support ?
A1. E07 band supports English, Chinese.

Q2.Why can't i remote control phone's music?

A2. It only support phone's default music app. If your music app is the third software app, it can not remote control.

Q3.Is it Touch Screen ?

A3. No. it's not touch screen. There is a touch button on it.

Q4.Does it support IOS or iphone 6/6plus ?

A4.Yes, it supports IOS 7 and above or Android 4.3 and above smartphone.

Q5.Does E07S take a sim card and an sd card?

A4.Sorry, it can't.

Q6.Can I read message on it ?

A6. Yes, it can display message. 

Q7.Why my pedometer function can not be used?

A7. When you need to account your steps, you need make sure your sleep mode has been closed. These two functions can not be used at that same time.

Q8: Can I make calls from this band?

A8: sorry, it can't. There is no speaker or mic in band.

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